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The charm of the lake!

The thrill of an incredible panorama overlooking the Borromean Islands, the refined flavors of our cuisine with primary ingredients that tell a story, all accompanied by a wise choice of drinks and cocktails

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the experience by Cava drink & reataurant.


Reinforced breakfasts, aperitifs, lunches and dinners with a unique view. A trendy offer, with always different and never banal proposals.


We take care of our dishes from start to finish, to pamper our customers, both Italian and foreign, with innovative and succulent proposals.

Food and Drinks Cava

My passion

After years of working abroad in the gastronomic sector and various activities in the world of entertainment, mixed drinking and wine, I felt the need to bring together all the different proposals and experiences in a single place that could express all this. Starting from the idea of offering a range of choices oriented both towards food and drinking, I decided to also take advantage of the knowledge regarding the uses and customs of different nations and to create a place located in a renowned tourist resort that could also embrace the foreign customer.

So the choice fell on BAVENO, right on the shores of Lake Maggiore. The activities I previously managed were also located on the shores of the lake, but in that case it was Lake Orta. For me, the lake is a fundamental constant and plays an important role when it comes to trade and investments.

Massimiliano Ferrari


Project conceived in 2007 that was born in the spring of 2008.

In the family we were expecting a new baby and my wife was very worried about this new adventure, but all this pushed me even more to carry on this new adventure. The choice of the name of the place fell precisely with the involvement of the family and is still a name that involves various countries of the world.

The word CAVA for the people of the area could recall the MARBLE QUARRY of Baveno, for the French it recalls “La Cantina dei Vini”. Agli Spagnoli is the name of a sparkling wine such as our Prosecco, precisely called CAVA.
For the Polish client, the word CAVA means COFFEE … actually the name of the CAVA Project brings us back to the acronym of the names CAterina and VAlentina, which are my daughters. And this became the right name to be given to the new project, a project that involves the family, whoever comes to be part of it enters this new family.